INtroductory Blog : What is a Tech teenager  doing these days  ?

INtroductory Blog : What is a Tech teenager doing these days ?

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Sumita Pathak
·Feb 5, 2022·

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  • WHO AM I ?

There must be reason to read a blog , right ? We are here to gain information that can help you to develop in various aspects . But I have always felt like - until connected with the writer ,Best of the books and blogs became boring for me . So here’s a bit of introduction about me .

I am an 18 year old , NO don’t stop reading here there’s more to me . I was born to a very caring but naive mother and my dad stopped supporting us when I was 3 . This doesn’t seem related to me being a programmer right ? But if you keep reading you will understand as to WHY I am telling you all this . I grew up with barely any emotional support , but we were financially sustainable . My mother gave me the freedom which she never had and I learned every skill that I have today in the real world by breaking and building , trials and errors etc .

Though more often they led to small giving ups initially , lately I learned how I can use this chaos to grow as a human being , an influential female , and a programmer .

I began to code in 6th standard and have experience with Qbasic,C , Java, Python ,HTML and a bit of CSS . I am going to share everything I have leant till now with programming as well as my GROWTH further .


Lets break it down


MOD is derived from modulus which though is an arithmetic operator is mostly used in programming . This represents the programming aspect of our blog .


I have been interested in finance for long . In my childhood I always had a small pocket diary in which I noted all my allowances and spendings . Cute , as I think of it now . I came to know how important budgeting is and indulged it in about 2 years ago so I will also be sharing my investment and earning goals and formulas here to help programmers with their finances .


This practically sums up my existence . The word mindset takes us back to the first paragraph . I will be sometimes sharing proven methods to overcome dark times like anxiety on failure or the Imposter syndrome just before it , along with my own experiences .

But in general

ever wondered why some teenagers are devouring tech while some are drowned in mischief , why the best of developers are entrepreneurs and why some are in the top 1% financially ? It all comes down to the mindset .

Though most of the blogs will be on tech , in many of them I will not only share the WHAT but also the WHY to learn them and especially HOW to learn them . Don’t worry I have experience of teaching my own classmates if that helps ....hehe

  • So , did you connect with me ?

YES !? Amazing

Not really ? Its ok hope you find your blogger before I steal you away

So guys lastly please support me if you find me Useful

I will be posting every Saturday


Have a great day !

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